Breaking the Closet Code

Breaking the Closet Code
by The ADEDC Team - January 7, 2017

Now that the holiday season has come and gone it’s time for us to figure out a way to maneuver our wardrobes and make space for our new collection. New clothes, new shoes, and no space is a predicament I’m sure most of us are facing at this point in time. Lucky for you, we have devised a simple plan to make things a little easier for anyone who is overwhelmed with re-organizing. Try these five easy tips, and poof! Space in your closet will appear right before your eyes.

1. Adding Tension Rods:

In most closet’s, the bar on which to hang your clothing sits parallel to the door. If you were to shelter in a couple of extra rods (hung perpendicular to the door) you may be able to recondition a whole bunch of dead space.

2. Hanging smaller articles of clothing:

Tank-tops and women’s outerwear are often hung in the same manner as articles of clothing with more volume. You can bypass this issue by looping these everyday tops onto re-purposed shower rings instead. Since they are lightweight, we know there is little chance that they will stretch out. Using shower rings require far less room, and effort, to store.

3. Line the door with baskets:

Mini baskets are a great option to store folded clothes and make use of dead space. If possible, use clear baskets which will make it much easier to find the article of clothing you are looking for at that instant. These baskets offer a plethora of storage options and makes use of the back of the door which is often an overlooked and ignored space.

4. Organizing your shoes:

If you were to place your shoes heel-to-toe it would most likely maximize your space. Not only will this give you room for more shoes, which face it, is the best possible scenario here, but it will also give you a quick survey of color, toe style, and heel height. This organizational skill will help speed up the time it takes to pick out an outfit, which is often the most time consuming part of getting dressed.

5. Using shelf dividers:

While this may not magically create more room, it will provide piles of stability. You should be able to then stack sweaters or other outerwear that much higher. 


In conjunction with these five tips it should also be noted that the most imperative part of creating more closet space is to purge anything that does not fit or that you never wear. The golden rule that I habitually follow when purging is get rid of any shoes or clothes that I have not worn in the past six months to a year. Chances are that if you have not worn something in that time frame then you most likely will not be wearing it again. It may be out of style, too small, or too big for you by the time you realize still have it.